Flore Albo LLC is a strategic cybersecurity communications firm focused on simplifying the biggest education, training and awareness challenges in the industry.
We do it at a fraction of the cost of the cost of big communications firms and for a fraction of the time expense of using your cybersecurity staff or internal comms teams.
We are agile enough to parachute in when you need us, and because our services are not subscription-based, we can parachute out when we are finished.


Flore Albo, or “white flower” in Latin, is a nerdy sci fi reference to a concept that Man can’t rely on technology alone to solve problems. In fact, as you already know, humanity, emotion and acts of God are what shift your cybersecurity posture most.
Board members must understand why your budget needs changed because of COVID-19. New vendors must know about your daily influx of wire fraud attempts. HR needs to understand why the new payroll system isn’t secure enough. The list goes on, and we can help. Our senior staff brings a rich mix of experience in technology, cybersecurity, corporate communications, journalism, PR and event planning at some of the world’s biggest companies.